US restricts electronics on some Mideast flights

The U.S. government, citing unspecified threats, is barring passengers on nonstop, U.S.-bound flights from eight mostly Middle Eastern and North African countries from bringing laptops, tablets and electronic devices in their carry-on bags.

This is the result of eight years wasted during which we refused to identify the real enemy. There are nuts in every religion, indeed everywhere, not just among religious people. Some belief systems, however, provide a more fertile environment in which to empower more terrorists, both in number and viciousness.

Islam is one such fertile environment.

The first and most important consideration is that it has to be fought from within by those who understand their environment best, namely Muslims themselves. Yet look at what the Obama administration did. The two countries with the most militant Islam in the world are Iran and Saudi Arabia. With the first we made a deal that guarantees a path to nuclear weapons. The second we managed to anger somehow.

Then there is Egypt, the largest Muslim country in the Middle East. After much turmoil during which we favored an Islamist regime, a secular Muslim ready and eager to work with us finally took power but we royally ignored him.

Because we were so afraid to name the real enemy we ignored and failed to work with those insiders with the most understanding and best vantage point of the problem.

Now we have a new administration that is not afraid to identify and address the real problem but we have remnants of the old way of thinking, most recently in the form of know-it-all judges, who insist on blocking the new government acting on secret information. And that is despite the fact that even the insiders in the region who know their environment best seem ready and eager to go along with our new measures despite their clear inconvenience.

No wonder matters are getting worse.

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