Potter County Justice of the Peace Rich Herman wounded during shooting

On 3-27-17, a Special Crimes Unit investigator was contacted by a detective from a law enforcement agency in another state. That detective had received information from a witness that a Potter County Justice of the Peace Rich Herman of Amarillo had posted photos of himself on social media treating a wound after being shot.

In the photos, Herman was holding a white cloth with red stains on it against his shoulder. Herman commented with the photos that he had been shot in the shoulder and was treating the injury himself.

The witness contacted law enforcement because they were concerned that this was evidence of a crime. A SCU investigator viewed the photographs and recognized Potter County Justice of the Peace Richard Herman.

On 3-28-17, the investigator made contact with Judge Herman. Herman confirmed that the photographs were of him and that he had been shot. He had not wished to make a police report.

Herman told the investigator that at around midnight Sunday night/Monday morning, he was walking in an area believed to be near 6th and S. Louisiana. He saw two males assaulting a third male in the alley just west of a bar and stopped to intervene.

During the incident, Herman heard a shot and realized that he had been shot in the shoulder. Herman said the three men fled down the alley..

Herman was not able to determine the source of the gunshot and could not provide a description of the three individuals.

Amarillo police detectives have been assigned to the case. There have been no arrests.

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